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At Minigh Family Dentistry, we believe in protecting your teeth and smile as much as possible. Our experienced team provides several types of mouth guards to help you keep your mouth in good condition so that you can continue to enjoy good oral health and a beautiful smile. When you visit us, we will evaluate your teeth and discuss your needs with you in order to create a customized mouth guard that can provide protection. We invite you to call our offices today to make an appointment with Drs. Andrew Minigh, Andrea Kinder or Janel Martin and learn more about mouth guards in Shinnston and Glenville, West Virginia.

Athletic Mouth Guards

We recommend that anyone who participates in athletics wear a sports mouth guard. While athletic mouth guards are often required for high-contact sports (boxing, football, soccer, etc.), you can also benefit from an athletic mouth guard if you participate in individual sports or recreational activities as well. This type of mouth guard works to protect your teeth and supporting structures, including your jaw, lips, cheeks, gums and tongue, from injury. Sports mouth guards also help keep your airways open so you can breathe more easily and reduce the likelihood of neck injury.

There are many types of athletic mouth guards available. We recommend that you receive a custom mouth guard at one of our offices, as this will provide you with the best possible protection and can be comfortably worn with braces.

Night Guards

Night guards are a type of mouth guard worn while asleep. This mouth guard is typically recommended for patients who suffer from bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding and clenching. Over time, teeth grinding wears down the teeth and can cause chipping, cracking, gum recession and other problems. A night guard will prevent your tooth surfaces from coming into contact, which protects them from damage and helps keep them in good condition. Once your bruxism has been brought under control, we can work with you to restore any damage that has already been done to your teeth.

As with sports mouth guards, night guards are most effective and provide the best protection when they are custom-made. Our night guards are designed to fit comfortably so that you can get the rest you need while also protecting your teeth.

For more information about mouth guards and to schedule a consultation, contact one of our two conveniently-located offices. We look forward to helping you protect your smile!






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